World Bank” -Scotland on CNN International Europe – U.K. National

World Bank | Scotland on CNN International Europe – U.K. National Refugees a very fixable problem but it just needs the fresh look at policies a fresh look at institutional mandates the world bank should be leading the economics of this unhcr will take years to change from being a humanitarian only agency to what is needed Uganda Uganda’s doing a good job is it began as a terrific model is to… Read More

EBRD and UK enhance wastewater services to address refugee crisis in Jordan

EBRD and UK enhance wastewater services to address refugee crisis in Jordan The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID), with support from the World Bank’s Concessional Finance Facility (CFF), are strengthening the resilience of Jordan as the influx of refugees from Syria continues to strain the country’s resources. Read More

The Best Ways to Deal with the Refugee Crisis

David Miliband | @nybooks In July 1941, Albert Einstein, ten months a US citizen, wrote Eleanor Roosevelt from his Saranac Lake retreat to register “deep concern” at the policies of her husband’s administration. A “wall of bureaucratic measures” erected by the State Department Read More

A refugee’s journey from one misery to the next

Mireille Girard | The Daily Star Ghassan and his family arrived in May 2011, soon after Syria started making headlines. Like many Syrian refugees at the time, they trickled from southern Homs right across the border into Wadi Khaled and were initially sheltered by Lebanese friends and acquaintances, believing they would return to their homes in a matter of months. Read More